How do you recruit, grow,
and retain leaders?

We help organizations grow and scale their business through multiplying leaders.

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Our services enhance culture to grow your bottom line


Executive & Mid-Level

We find top tier leaders that excel in their careers, but more importantly, fit your culture and add to your bottom-line.

Recruit Talent


Wildsparq Strategy

The leadership development platform for your organization. A simple scalable plan to grow your people personally and professionally.

Develop Leaders


Team & Culture Assessments

We assess teams and overall culture to help you determine the areas of needed focus to attract, retain and get the most out of your people.

Assess Culture
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Fireseeds: Multiplying Leaders

Proven Strategy

1 Recruiting the Right Leaders

We attract leaders that are drawn to your company's story and culture. Leaders that fit your culture boost team morale, increase productivity, and attract other great leaders.

2 Developing Existing Leaders

We equip your leaders to lead others through a consistent and intentional leader development strategy. Wildsparq is the online platform that delivers and scales this plan.

3 Gauging Cultural Health

We assess the health and productivity of your organization by measuring seven areas of culture. We use identity assessments to help you understand the effectiveness of your teams.

Jeff Gale

CEO at TicketBiscuit

"The FireSeeds team took great care to ensure they were not only finding an executive with the talent we were seeking, but also, an executive that embodied our culture. That was really important to us."

Will Taylor

Chick-fil-A Operator

"Wildsparq has been great because of how the content is structured and administered. It allows me to be efficient and effective with the time I spend with my directors."

Forrest Walden

Founder & CEO of Iron Tribe Fitness

"Their process was impactful because it began with us first. We learned about our own wiring, specifically about what we do really well and even our own shortcomings. This translated to how we led and hired."

Enhance Your Culture

Our clients are drawn to us because of our passion for impacting people. The companies we serve desire to have a culture that leads to greatness.

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