Gauge the Health of Your Culture

We help you determine if your culture adds or takes away from your bottom-line. 

Culture Counts

Forbes recently reported on an in-depth study on culture that surveyed over 1,400 C-level Executives. 92% said they believed improving their firm’s corporate culture would improve the value of the company.


Analysis & Consultation

Culture Benchmark

Most companies can't measure the effect of their culture, good or bad. You may think you have a healthy culture, but have you actually asked your team? FireSeeds has created a tool for organizations that not only measures culture, but provides metrics to see how you can improve.

We administer an anonymous survey in the seven major areas that define culture. It's important for you and your executive team to see how your scores compare and contrast to the entire company. Now, we can detect the gaps and clearly come away with a Culture Benchmark.

Identity Assessment & Consultation

Team Synergy

Each team member will receive a personal identity assessment.  Once they complete the assessment, they receive a one-on-one session, so they can better understand their own unique temperament. By understanding that wiring, it will increase their ability to lead their co-workers.

We will meet with all members of the team to help them understand how they can use their individual gifts to create dynamic relationships with their coworkers. Knowing how to communicate, approach, and engage with team members will create a healthy team within your culture. 

Forrest Walden, CEO at Iron Tribe Fitness

"Their process was impactful because it began with us first. We learned about our own wiring, specifically about what we do really well and even our own shortcomings. This translated to how we led and hired."

How Healthy is Your Culture?

Our clients are drawn to us because of our passion for impacting people. The companies we serve desire to have a culture that leads to greatness.

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