Grow Your Business By Growing Leaders

Wildsparq is the online platform that activates a leadership plan for your entire organization.

How it works


Interactive Monthly Lessons

Relevant content plans, designed to meet your organization’s needs, helping grow your people personally and professionally as they work independently at their own pace and convenience.

Equipped Team Meetings

Team leaders are equipped to facilitate a monthly team meeting centered around the month’s theme, driving home the personal impact in each member’s life and making development part of the culture. 

Measurable Engagement

The online platform finally makes your leadership growth measurable through interactive reports that track the engagement of your company, your teams, and individuals.


Developing leaders is hard. Most organizations realize the importance of developing their people, but don’t have a clear and consistent strategy to do it well. That’s where Wildsparq comes in. Wildsparq is the online leader development platform for your entire organization. Wildsparq will help you create a healthy culture and prepare your people for an ever-changing business landscape. All of this delivered through a software platform designed for a tech-driven world.

What Users Are Saying

"Wildsparq helped me see that we can serve others with our actions and words, instead of being served, so that we can be a positive note in someone else’s story."

Kerry Jenkins

"I am really excited to have a clear guide on running meetings as well as how to have successful one-on-one’s. This will definitely make our meetings more productive and clear."

Carol Lange
Chief Customer Officer

"It’s easy to go through the motions of your day and lose sight of how even the slightest action or word can impact someone else. Wildsparq reminds me to live each day fully."

Morgan Gillespie
Regional Manager & Creative Director

Grow Your Company by Investing in Leaders

Our clients are drawn to us because of our passion for developing people. The companies we serve desire a culture that drives results.

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