We recruit multiplying leaders for purpose driven companies.

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  • Administrative Support Supervisor IronTribe - Tom Smith
  • Administrative Support Supervisor IronTribe - Tom Smith
  • Administrative Support Supervisor IronTribe - Tom Smith
  • Senior Special Events Coordinator Signature Homes - Johnny Thomas
  • Senior Special Events Coordinator Signature Homes - Johnny Thomas
  • Senior Special Events Coordinator Signature Homes - Johnny Thomas

We Understand Culture

We recruit mid to executive level positions

We want to earn the right to be your outsourced recruiting department. Because we place leaders in every level in an organization, you can focus on growth, while we focus on providing the right talent. We want to be your strategic partner, keeping a finger to the pulse of your culture, helping you think for your future growth.

Our clients value people, invest in people, and create cultures where people flourish!

​How We Get To Know…

Our Clients

The most important thing we do is select the RIGHT companies to serve. We start by meeting with your executive team to establish a company profile. This helps us begin the process of identifying your company’s business strategy and cultural identity, allowing us to build an accurate position profile that acts as our bullseye for meeting your hiring needs.

Impact Revenue Impact People Impact Culture

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Our Candidates

Our recruitment and selection process is relational over transactional. We want to know who you are beyond simply your resume. Along the way you will have the opportunity to take our leadership and core competency assessments which help us determine whether you are a good fit for one of our companies. Our unique process provides you the freedom to share your story on a personal level.

Character Personality Skills/Competencies

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Our Recruitment Process


Our online application gets your FireSeeds experience started.

Experience Assessment

A brief snapshot of your leadership experience.

Tell Your Story

Follow up call from FireSeeds where you tell your story; who you are, what makes you tick.

Online Interview

Answer three questions with minimal prep time to see how you perform “across the table.”

Leadership Application

Help us understand how you have grown and matured as a leader.

Identity Assessments

Determine your personality type, action modes, how you communicate, etc.

Personal 1-to-1

Final recruitment step that determines if you will move on to meet the client.

Client Interview

Our Candidate Spotlight

Hear From Chad Wilson and his experience with the FireSeeds process.


Bad/Good/Great Hires

Bad/Good/Great Hires

We have been through this exercise with many clients who are amazed at the dollar amount they have spent and continue to spend on under producing hires. In most cases the miss hire of a mid level manager was at a minimum cost of $130,000 or more when comparing a bad to great hire.

Good to Great

“If we get the right people on the bus, the right people in the right seat, and the wrong people off the bus, then we’ll figure out how to take it someplace great.”
Jim Collins - Good To Great

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Why FireSeeds?

Your Financial Return On Investment Matters

All great business decisions result in measurable ROI! Most companies first think of cutting cost, improving efficiencies but few ask “what if I had better leaders in my key positions?” What would that do to the bottom line? We ask clients to apply real metrics to this question.

Good vs Bad vs Great We call this: the good vs. bad vs. great hire

Making the right hires

Our Clients Desire To Invest In You

How do you measure the return on your investment as you decide between different opportunities. Is it purely financial? Is money enough? We work directly with companies that provide environments of purpose, significance, encouraging cultures and desire to develop you into a great leader.

Good vs Bad vs Great Your career doesn’t have to be just a job


Post-Hire Transitional Follow Up

The steps and actions taken in the first 100 days of your new career are critical in setting you on a trajectory of success. Our placed candidates have the opportunity to experience 100 days of post-hire transitional follow up, designed specifically to help ease the transition and set up for growth and development as a leader within the company!

  • Onboarding Welcome Kit
    Week 1
  • Setting your Trajectory
    7 Days
  • Developing Social Capital
    30 Days
  • Creating Raving Fans
    50 Days
  • Vision, Mission, Values
    60 Days
  • Be a Servant Leader
    80 Days
  • Leadership Habits
    90 Days
  • Ready for Impact
    100 Days

Is Your Company A Fit?

Values Developing Leaders

Our clients are drawn to us because of our passion for leader development. The companies we serve have a culture that intentionally develops their leaders.

High Career Trajectory

FireSeeds attracts candidates who desire to grow into positions of influence. The clients we serve have a track record of providing exciting career paths for our leaders.

Uncompromising Integrity

Integrity must be a foundational value for the companies we serve. We only partner with clients who have a track record of doing the right thing.


What Is A Multiplying Leader?

Multiplying leaders are integrity filled

People who have a history of doing the right thing. We only work with high character individuals.

Invest relationally

They understand that everything starts with relationships, that people work best when they are valued, affirmed, and challenged.

Driven by excellence

Our leaders are relentlessly excellent. They realize results matter, and they chase excellence every single day.

Intentional development

Always thinking for the development of their team. They intentionally think for how they can draw out the best in their people, causing them to thrive in work and life

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